Sunday, 6 March 2016

New Zealand Adventures

Hello Lovelies,

I have had a busy few weeks, work and life has gotten away on me. However, I have been on an adventure, a New Zealand Adventure, with some of my favourite people. Of course, there were a few opportunities to break out some fabulous outfits.

The New Zealand adventure was all about a wedding, the wedding on my lovely friends Jarrod and Matt. A formal wedding at that. I do love to attend a formal wedding!

I travelled to Sydney a couple of Fridays ago and spent the night there with my best friend and awesome photographer, Pete. There was wine, menu log and chats. Of course, not too much wine as we didn't want to miss out international flight on Saturday morning. A 5 am wake up and off to the airport we went.

On arrival in Auckland we met up with Phil and Andrew at the airport, hopped in to our hire car and took ourselves to the Northern Club, our home for the next few days. The Northern Club is divine, a heritage building,  covered in Virginia creeper, and is a sight to see. In fact, you must see!

The Northern Club

I spent a lot of time sitting in these lovely armchairs, wine in hand.

Victorian inspired furniture in our room

What could be better than sipping wine in a bath robe!

Our first night in Auckland required a special outfit, something to show off my waist... I am wearing a skirt from Dotti and basic black singlet from Kmart. Also, comfort plus patent heels. I kept my accessories simple, gold plated earrings and bangle from Lovisa.

Poised Jaime

Curtains! Work the curtains!!!

Demure Jaime

Those of you who know me know that I am far from a natural poser, unless it comes to selfies. This is why I have Pete take the photos. He makes me do silly things like pose with a sheer curtain. It works though. The next photo is my favourite... at this point I was letting him know I was feeling silly and I was coming for him.

No more posing Peter, I am done!

So I took on Auckland feeling very pretty in this outfit. Beers at O'Hagans Irish Pub, karaoke and late night drunken second dinner at Denny's. Yes, Denny's and I blame Phil for the late night second dinner. I certainly ate too much and expressed to the fellas that 'I felt heavy in the bottom'. I'm slightly funny when intoxicated.

Late night second dinner. 

The next day, a Sunday, we took a ferry to Waiheke Island to see some wineries, wine tasting a must do of course. The first winery was apparently a 15 minute walk from the ferry and us being the sporty and outdoorsy type (Andrew and Phil) we decided to take a leisurely stroll through the bush and up hills in the humid steamy heat. Needless to say Pete, Jen and I got lost and found ourselves a cab.

We visited two wineries on Waiheke, Cable Bay and Mud Brick. Cable Bay was very upmarket and modern. Man Brick was by far my favourite, looking like an old English garden.

The view from Mud Brick Winery across the valley to the ocean. Gorgeous!

Andrew's hair is on fleek. Mine, not so much!

All in all a lovely Sunday out and about.

Monday was all about the wedding!!!

I treated myself to a blow wave and professional eye makeup at Dry and Tea in Britomart. I wanted straight gorgeous hair and to be honest, I was feeling lazy about doing my eye makeup. A girl needs to treat herself every now and then.

As the wedding was formal a long gown was required. I wore the Burnout Baby Maxi Dress by City Chic and I accessorised with pearls.

Posing in front of the Fireplace in the bar at the Northen Club.

Posing in the Billiards Room with my fantastic and handsome photographer, Peter!

 The boys were also looking fantastic in their dinner suits!

Charming Andrew

Handsome Phil

Jen, was also a vision in her vintage inspired dress.

A group shot. Jen is looking stunning in her vintage inspired dress.

The  wedding took place at Grace Hill Vineyard. The view from the balcony was heavenly, we were 30 minutes outside of Auckland but it was like we were in the country, green and lush.

The view from the balcony at Grace Hill Vineyard.

It was one of the best weddings I have attended. Classy, emotional and the first time I have heard the words 'Husband and Husband' pronounced. I will admit to some tears during the ceremony.

The next day we decided to go on a driving adventure, complete with climbing the Mt Wellington Summit. yes, strenuous walking after a huge night out!

Climbing to the summit of Mt Wellington.

At the summit. Looking worse for wear but invigorated.

On our last day Pete and I decided to go to the Auckland Zoo. Best decision ever! I had not been to a Zoo since I was a child. It was a highlight of my trip.

Zoo selfie

Even though I am having a casual day fashion is still on my mind. I am wearing a little ensemble from Jeans West, casual pants and t-shirt. Such a comfortable outfit and great for a casual day out.

So that is all for now my lovelies. A great mini holiday with some of my favourite people to celebrate love. What could be better :)

Friday, 22 January 2016

The summer spectacular of pretty dresses!!

Firstly, I must apologise for being a totally slack blogger over the last few months. Time has gotten away from me. I have been taking photo's though!

This summer has all been about pretty dresses, maxi's mostly. I have discovered a love for a well cut, flattering maxi dress. Maxi skirts are also a new love.

I will post a little photo diary from November to now of some of the dresses I have worn over the last few months.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of City Chic clothing. It is not just because they are a plus size fashion retailer, I actually love their style. However, I am finding that a lot of things are getting to big and if I keep losing weight soon I won't fit in to any of their things. I am also finding that I am having trouble finding styles I like from other retailers. I am trying new brands and styles though.

Below I am wearing an ASOS off the shoulder number. I love how flattering this dress is, it shows off my lovely shoulders and my collarbones (which I am particularly proud off... two years ago one would not have known I had collarbones). Teamed with croc beige and pink wedges.

I love the dress so much I bought it in the coral colour below. I teamed it with some hot heels from City Chic (yes City Chic do shoes!!!) for a night out in Newtown.

Picture credit goes to my good friend Peter!

The next dress is from Forever 21. I was in Canberra for the weekend visiting with my lovely friends, Phil and Andrew. I am truly of the opinion that every girl needs a summer frock in white. Here is mine...

Picture credit goes to my good friend Peter!

The next dress is also from Forever 21, but I bought it in Hawaii in June 2015. The dress that started my love and obsession for a gorgeous maxi dress. Whenever I wear this dress I am inundated with compliments. I think it is the print. it is just lovely!

The yearly Christmas tradition is the annual Santa Pub Crawl to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. Here is a bargain I picked up on eBay. Also, check out my gorgeous friend Nikki (aka dominatrix naughty elf)

The next dress is one of my favourite summer purchases. It is the French Kiss Maxi Dress from City Chic. I cannot rave enough about the cut of this dress. I will definitely be taking it to France with me in August!

The Moroccan Vintage Maxi Dress! Also a City Chic dress. So flattering, shows a little bit of cleavage and just gorgeous on. I have no idea where my hat is from, my aunty picked it up on eBay I think; but this hat is my go to hat for summer.

I was in Woolgoolga checking out the Lookout. We had a lovely Christmas break in the Coffs Harbour region. I didn't get a full length shot unfortunately.

Taking selfies with my cutie pie god son Juzi!

The next number is from Jeanswest. I have recently discovered that I like a lot of their items and I have bought two dresses, two skirts, two pairs of pants and singlet from them in the last month. Their dresses are good for transitioning from City Chic sizes in to mainstream sizes and I am finding that I fit in to a lot of their size 14 items. Selfie shot complete with sunburn.

The next dress was my New Years Eve pick and I picked it up from Big W of all places for $45. It is a Peter Morrissey dress and my favourite summer purchase. I am in love with the colour.

I teamed it with some plated gold earrings, headband and bangle from Lovisa.

The next dress is City Chic and I wore it to a good friends wedding in Sydney last weekend. Again, another flattering maxi dress.

Picture credit goes to my good friend Peter!

Picture credit goes to my good friend Peter!

It has definitely been a summer of spectacular frocks. More to come, I promise.

Ciao lovelies!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dem gains!

Hello Lovelies,

It seems that lately the only clothes I wear are work clothes or gym clothes. I have been doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation which means I am at the gym 6 days a week. In light of this I thought I would do a little post about active wear.

Now, before getting in to this post I will warn you that I refuse to spend $70 on a pair of gym pants so the clothes I am showing you are affordable and most are not brand names at all.

The thing with active wear is that it is very hard to find flattering styles for curvy or bigger girls. When I started going to the gym 22 months ago I was extremely self conscious about how I looked in gym clothes and I had a tendency to stick to baggy tops that covered my derriere and stomach. I am much more comfortable in gym clothes now and I admit that I like showing off my hard work in the active wear I now wear to the gym. Some people may think that I look terrible in active wear and I just don't care. I am comfortable and happy with how I look!

Here we go...

This was my outfit last Saturday for a Super Saturday Session at the gym, complete with running, a weights circuit and a thirty minute Body Attack class. I am wearing a Michelle Bridges top and pants.  I love the Michelle Bridges range of active wear because its flattering and affordable and they go up to quite large sizes. The pants are around $35 and the tops are around $30. I refuse to spend a fortune on clothes I am going to sweat my ass off in!!

Here we have an outfit purchased at Kmart. Kmart branded pants and an Everlast top. I didn't much like this top a few weeks ago, it was a bit snug and I didn't feel comfortable in it. However, I tried it on again on Monday and here you see the result. Comfortable enough to strut around the gym if this baby!

Another Kmart special and yes, I am standing on a chair in a motel room. I travel for work and this was the venue for my Tuesday afternoon workout. I am not feeling so awesome in this outfit, the reason being it is getting a bit big so is looking a bit baggy. 

Another awesome Kmart outfit, and one of my favourites.

So, that is a little look in to my gym wardrobe. A curvy girl can look good in active wear without having to spend a fortune to do so. I think I look banging, even if I do say so myself :P

My headbands are Nike branded headbands. I cannot workout without a headband!

The Michelle Bridges range is available at Big W so if you liked my look get in to their store and check it out.

Oh, I nearly forgot about Sports Bra's. I loathe most sports bra's. They just do not keep the girls in tight enough. There is one sports bra I do love and it is from Cotton On. The problem is they only go up to a size 14DD. I squeeze my E cup girls in to it though and I feel comfortable and supported while I am working out.

Happy Saturday Lovelies :)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Concerts and long weekends!

Life has been super busy this week, but enjoyable.

I took three days off work this week to travel to Sydney and see Maroon 5 in concert. I must say that I have never really been impressed with Adam Levine, though I do enjoy his music. After seeing the concert I can say that Adam Levine has impressed me. He has such stage presence and charisma. Also, he is attractive.

So I obviously needed a fantastic outfit to wear to the concert. I was stuck between a tulle skirt, wet look jeans or a lovely blue dress. I went with the dress, teamed with a killer necklace, a pleather bolero and some cute ankle strap wedges.

The dress is the Strappy Cross Back Tunic from City Chic ( and it also comes in red and purple. Its very comfortable and a good addition to a spring/summer wardrobe!.

I bought these cute little shoes from FSW for $15.

The pleather bolero is also from City Chic, I am in love with it (

The necklace is from Lovisa and I bought it specifically to wear with this dress.

Of course a trip to Sydney is not complete without a little shopping spree. I bought a dress  and some cute Eiffel Tower earrings from Dotti, a dress and pair of jade green ballet flats from Forever 21 and yellow dress and blue clutch from Forever New.

I wore the yellow dress today. I had a Christening to attend as well as a second birthday for gorgeous twins and a Sunday session at the pub with some lovely ladies.

The dress is called the Ebony Embellished Sundress. The beading on this dress is divine, very feminine. I love a yellow sundress, actually I am very partial to yellow for Spring and Summer. Not fluorescent yellow though.

The shoes I am wearing are from Betts, bought last summer.

Sunshine daisies, butter mellow, Jaiimay is looking gorgeous in Yellow!

So that is my week Lovelies. I hope everyone has been enjoying their long weekend :)