Sunday, 6 March 2016

New Zealand Adventures

Hello Lovelies,

I have had a busy few weeks, work and life has gotten away on me. However, I have been on an adventure, a New Zealand Adventure, with some of my favourite people. Of course, there were a few opportunities to break out some fabulous outfits.

The New Zealand adventure was all about a wedding, the wedding on my lovely friends Jarrod and Matt. A formal wedding at that. I do love to attend a formal wedding!

I travelled to Sydney a couple of Fridays ago and spent the night there with my best friend and awesome photographer, Pete. There was wine, menu log and chats. Of course, not too much wine as we didn't want to miss out international flight on Saturday morning. A 5 am wake up and off to the airport we went.

On arrival in Auckland we met up with Phil and Andrew at the airport, hopped in to our hire car and took ourselves to the Northern Club, our home for the next few days. The Northern Club is divine, a heritage building,  covered in Virginia creeper, and is a sight to see. In fact, you must see!

The Northern Club

I spent a lot of time sitting in these lovely armchairs, wine in hand.

Victorian inspired furniture in our room

What could be better than sipping wine in a bath robe!

Our first night in Auckland required a special outfit, something to show off my waist... I am wearing a skirt from Dotti and basic black singlet from Kmart. Also, comfort plus patent heels. I kept my accessories simple, gold plated earrings and bangle from Lovisa.

Poised Jaime

Curtains! Work the curtains!!!

Demure Jaime

Those of you who know me know that I am far from a natural poser, unless it comes to selfies. This is why I have Pete take the photos. He makes me do silly things like pose with a sheer curtain. It works though. The next photo is my favourite... at this point I was letting him know I was feeling silly and I was coming for him.

No more posing Peter, I am done!

So I took on Auckland feeling very pretty in this outfit. Beers at O'Hagans Irish Pub, karaoke and late night drunken second dinner at Denny's. Yes, Denny's and I blame Phil for the late night second dinner. I certainly ate too much and expressed to the fellas that 'I felt heavy in the bottom'. I'm slightly funny when intoxicated.

Late night second dinner. 

The next day, a Sunday, we took a ferry to Waiheke Island to see some wineries, wine tasting a must do of course. The first winery was apparently a 15 minute walk from the ferry and us being the sporty and outdoorsy type (Andrew and Phil) we decided to take a leisurely stroll through the bush and up hills in the humid steamy heat. Needless to say Pete, Jen and I got lost and found ourselves a cab.

We visited two wineries on Waiheke, Cable Bay and Mud Brick. Cable Bay was very upmarket and modern. Man Brick was by far my favourite, looking like an old English garden.

The view from Mud Brick Winery across the valley to the ocean. Gorgeous!

Andrew's hair is on fleek. Mine, not so much!

All in all a lovely Sunday out and about.

Monday was all about the wedding!!!

I treated myself to a blow wave and professional eye makeup at Dry and Tea in Britomart. I wanted straight gorgeous hair and to be honest, I was feeling lazy about doing my eye makeup. A girl needs to treat herself every now and then.

As the wedding was formal a long gown was required. I wore the Burnout Baby Maxi Dress by City Chic and I accessorised with pearls.

Posing in front of the Fireplace in the bar at the Northen Club.

Posing in the Billiards Room with my fantastic and handsome photographer, Peter!

 The boys were also looking fantastic in their dinner suits!

Charming Andrew

Handsome Phil

Jen, was also a vision in her vintage inspired dress.

A group shot. Jen is looking stunning in her vintage inspired dress.

The  wedding took place at Grace Hill Vineyard. The view from the balcony was heavenly, we were 30 minutes outside of Auckland but it was like we were in the country, green and lush.

The view from the balcony at Grace Hill Vineyard.

It was one of the best weddings I have attended. Classy, emotional and the first time I have heard the words 'Husband and Husband' pronounced. I will admit to some tears during the ceremony.

The next day we decided to go on a driving adventure, complete with climbing the Mt Wellington Summit. yes, strenuous walking after a huge night out!

Climbing to the summit of Mt Wellington.

At the summit. Looking worse for wear but invigorated.

On our last day Pete and I decided to go to the Auckland Zoo. Best decision ever! I had not been to a Zoo since I was a child. It was a highlight of my trip.

Zoo selfie

Even though I am having a casual day fashion is still on my mind. I am wearing a little ensemble from Jeans West, casual pants and t-shirt. Such a comfortable outfit and great for a casual day out.

So that is all for now my lovelies. A great mini holiday with some of my favourite people to celebrate love. What could be better :)

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  1. What a lovely holiday! Thanks for sharing your photos. You looked stunning (as always) in the long black dress, and I must say Peter looked very dashing!